2 Days Trail Ride

Trail Ride Schedule

Day 1: In the morning we’ll prepare and distribute the horses, then we go on a path of 20-30 km (depending on the physical condition of participants). It crosses woods, traditional villages in the area and for lunch we can stop on a hill with extensive views over the horizon. Maximum altitude is 600m and we cross over pastures that are dominated by herds of animals belonging to various communities in the area. After lunch we head towards the guesthouse we are about to halt. The guesthouse is equipped with all utilities.

Day 2: We return to the “Horses Wolves” farm on a different route from the first day, of course, with passages of woods, traditional villages and a pleasant environment for riding.

Price: 600 Lei/person. It includes an overnight stay.
*Price does not include breakfast on the first day of riding, dinner on the second day of riding and alcoholic beverages.
**Luggage transfer to the hostel is done with an intervention car.
***Horses are equipped with western saddles and are from various breeds: Lipizzaner, Shagya-Arabian, Arabian, English thoroughbred.
****Horse riders must master the three gaits: walk, trot and canter, and be equipped with a helmet, a torch and possibly a raincoat.

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