6 Days on Transylvania Hills

A horse riding vacation means 6 days of adventure in the wonderful region of Transylvania, the most famous place in Romania. Quiet rides through the breezy forests and free canters on the wide hills.

Trail Ride Schedule

Day 1: Pick-up at the Cluj-Napoca airport. Transfer by minibus through Gherla-Dej-Beclean to Sieu-Sfantu(100 km) to the ranch „Caii Lupilor” („The Wolves Horses”), a farm situated near the village of Sieu-Sfantu (Saint Sieu), surrounded by the Carpathian  Mountains. Arrival and accommodation at the farm, in two cosy cottages. After the accommodation, a traditional Transylvanian dinner is served with the traditional beverage of the region: TZUICA. During the meal, the hosts will discuss about the program for the next days (the hosts Ioana and Simi speak fluently english and french).

Day 2: After breakfast, we distribute the horses and their equipment. The road leads first day on the Transylvanian hills, with an altitude of 600 m, in the surroundings of the Wolves Horses Farm. The route is through woods and pastures where cows, sheep and other animals of the village spend their summer in freedom, everything is very wild and authentic. Lunch is served on top of a hill, to have av ast and relaxing view. Follows the arrival at the Hubertus guesthouse, located on the edge of a large lake, where we’ll be eating specific fish.

Day 3: Changing directions: After breakfast at Pension Hubertus, we depart for Brown Bear hunting lodge, a private hunting area where the different wildlife like wild boar, deer, fallow deer, mouflon and others. Here we dine in nature, in a specially designed space for hunters. Also this day trip crosses an area consisting of hills, streams and dense deciduous forests, with the traditional and typically Romanian places. Accommodation is at a guesthouse nearby.

Day 4: Follows a day of ride on park roads, with overpasse through dense forests and cool, with a chance to visually capture animals in the area. From here we head to another forest cottage situated on the edge of a forest. In fact its name is Green Paradise.

Day 5: The route you are about to go through it will be very large, hilly and woods that surprise us with dreamlike landscapes and places typical of Romanian region. Today we arrive in a Spa area in the vicinity of Figa Village area which once was a source of salt for the Romans and Dacians. Accommodation is in the forest, close to the Spa at a very welcoming hostel, equipped with all facilities.

Day 6: In this day of hiking a pass near the Lipizzaner stud in Beclean, we cross the river Somes and at the end of a day hiking to get to the guesthouse from the mill in Zagra, location close to the Carpathians. The guesthouse is an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Day 7: Last day of hiking, we’re getting back to Wolves Horses farm again, crossing the river Somes, typical villages with very large hills that surprise you with their greenery.

Day 8: After breakfast we make the transfer to the airport.

Price: 695 Euro/person.
*Price does not include the flight and alcoholic beverages.
**Horses are equipped with western saddles and are from various breeds: Lipizzaner, Shagya-Arabian, Arabian, English thoroughbred.
***Horse riders must master the three gaits: walk, trot and canter, and be equipped with a helmet, a torch and possibly a raincoat.

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